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More from Business Today. Business Today 1 min read. On a High.

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At a time when most consumer goods companies in India are reporting lacklustre growth and the overall economy is visibly in a recession, Nadia Chauhan, Joint Managing Director, Parle Agro, claims her business has grown over 35 per cent in the past ye. Business Today 2 min read. Number Cruncher. Every number tells a story, and researchers, policymakers and enablers must understand it to jump start the social development sector.

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A word of caution. This ebook will show you how to manipulate your figures and manipulate the banking system to protect you from their power. Done correctly, the bank will not even know that they have been manipulated. To do so you may end up deluding your banker. It is fundamentally important that you do not delude yourself.

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By all means encourage your banker to live in cloud cuckoo land but keep your own feet firmly on the ground. Insolvency can be an intensely stressful pastime so we have written this book with a degree of levity, but bankruptcy is a very serious undertaking. As such, it must be undertaken with caution and care. While this book will encourage you to 'do it yourself' as much as possible, neither we nor the publishers accept any responsibility if you stuff it up, so if you are in any doubt you should consult your accountant or lawyer.

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