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A Triumphant Return
  1. Liberland: hundreds of thousands apply to live in world's newest 'country'
  2. [in English] Ricardo Teixeira, the president
  3. Return of Vargas

This is precisely how urbanization is happening across the country--just that nobody expected Chandigarh to go this way. But why not?

When the city was planned, it was the ideal of those ruling the country at that time. Rapid urbanization driven by developers is what the political class of today prefers.

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Some accept this openly, while others operate covertly to transfer land use to bring in energy-intensive shopping malls and housing blocks designed without a glance at the physical environment. Town planning influences--decides--the lives of the millions.

Liberland: hundreds of thousands apply to live in world's newest 'country'

If Chandigarh was a role model, it has failed in more ways than one. It hasn't inspired other cities. It hasn't stayed true to its idea, as the traffic jams on its roads testify; some would argue it could not have because the idea was flawed. Yet their denunciations led nowhere.

[in English] Ricardo Teixeira, the president

No investigations. No indictments.

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  • Our Heroes Tree.
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No police protection. As bystanders attempted to get him to a nearby hospital, the assassins returned to finish the job. The government of the new president Dilma Roussef has promised to beef up security for those living under threat of death. But President Roussef must also decide what to do with the new bill when it lands on her desk. Will she sign it into law? In a field drenched in blood.

Return of Vargas

The congress and ministry buildings make up a particle accelerator aimed at the same point looks like a crosshair in Google Earth. Concurso completado. Propuestas para este concurso.

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