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Humans work towards mastering many fields of life, rather than specializing in just one capacity, becoming then "generalists" rather than specialists. Free will is much more emphasized in the human kingdom than either of the other two kingdoms. The beings in the Elemental Kingdom work primarily on the mental plane and are known as "builders of form. All the beings in the Nature Kingdom are a part of the Elemental Kingdom. Everyone of them is a specialist in creating some specific form - whether it be an electron, a biological cell, a flower, a tomato, a tree, the body of an inhabiting human, a valley, a river, a planet, a solar system, or inter-stellar space.

You see they come in all sizes - from smaller than an electron, to vaster than galactic space. Like the angels, elemental beings begin their evolution small in size, and increase their size as they evolve. Humans on the other hand, maintain the same size as they evolve, although their energy fields get larger. The elementals serving on planet earth have all sworn to out-picture humanity's thoughts and feelings.

They are under obligation to "materialize" whatever they pick up from the thoughts and feelings of mankind. This relationship was intended to facilitate the remanifestation of "heaven on earth", but as humanity's thoughts and feelings fell into general imperfection, these elemental beings were obligated, against their preference, to outpicture this mass imperfection - resulting in all the nature extremes of tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, and the polluted oceans and atmosphere.

In fact there are elemental beings working around the clock in our atmospheres, doing their best to purify the atmosphere from all the accumulating distorted energies from the mass thoughts and feelings of mankind. If they were to go on strike, the earth would become biologically uninhabitable within 48 hours! Fortunately, the humans are now beginning to re-harmonize their radiations in a continuously increasing way. For each human soul that chose to take the evolutionary route of physical incarnations, there was one elemental being that "volunteered" to make that journey with them - to create and maintain a physical body for them - for as many lifetimes as it took - until they made their "ascension" and graduated from the physical-dimension school room!

What commitment! What dedication and loyalty! You have the same "body elemental" for each of your lifetimes, and he or she gets to "vacation" in between your incarnations. Those humans that have established a good rapport with their body elemental, whether conscious or unconscious, are those that are blessed with effortless good health. We know the earth beings as elves, gnomes, and menehune. The beings of air are known as fairies and sylphs.

Those of water are called undines or mermaids. And the least known, the beings of fire, are known as salamanders not related to the lizard, which is also called a salamander. You can befriend these beings even if you can not see them, and then they will be over-joyed to co-create with you, and even play with you, as is so magnificently exampled in Findhorn and Perelandra. If you want to get more in touch with the fairies in your backyard or area, take flower essences on a daily basis.

This puts their frequencies into your energy-system, so that by having the same frequencies in common, it becomes much easier to sense them, see them, and communicate with them. The beings of the Angelic Kingdom have the function of administering to the spiritual needs and the emotional needs of both the Human Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom. They "take care" of us. Angels work primarily on the emotional plane. Just as an electric heater radiates heat waves, angels radiate unique beneficial energies, with many different wonderful effects. Each type of angel is a specialist in radiating one particular "quality" or "virtue" , which typically has its own unique color, sound, fragrance, and flame.

The angels that work with Archangel Michael specialize in Faith and Protection.. The angels that work with Archangel Raphael specialize in Healing and Consecration. The angels under Jophiel specialize in Illumination and Enlightened Understanding. Angels are like rechargeable batteries.

The Light Beings Explained - The 4 Light Beings - Guardian Angel Guide

Just by hanging out within the aura of their "leader" such as an Archangel , their auras "soak up" and absorb that quality for which their leader has become an expert. This master angel is like a fountain, producing a continuous stream of this particular quality, and consequently his or her force field is a powerful reservoir of this quality.

For example, the angels working with Archangel Uriel absorb by proximity his special quality of Peace, and then, like a rechargeable battery, when they become totally "full" with this quality, they get sent out somewhere to administer and radiate out this quality. They radiate their quality primarily through their feelings. Once they reach "empty", they return to their leader and once again "fill up" with that quality, to once again be sent out. As angels evolve, they become continuously-improving experts at holding more and more of this specialized quality, and holding it for a longer time, and holding it without "leaking" their charge, and without contamination from adverse external conditions usually generated by humans.

As they continue to specialize in this quality, with time they too become a fountain-head of this quality, to which many lesser angels come to absorb this essence. Their role is to radiate the aura of God to humans and elementals, to help them and comfort them on their path, and to remind them of their celestial source and heritage. In doing their service to life of radiating energies, angels are typically experts at creating multi-angel force-fields , using sacred geometry and symmetric patterns to create forcefields much more powerful and effective than if they worked independently.

Like a good football team, they know just the "play" to implement, to optimally nourish and nurture each situation. Angels also function as an inter-dimensional UPS service, carrying energies both up and down between dimensions. In the "up" direction, they gather all the hopes, aspirations, wishes and prayers of humanity and then deliver them up to the appropriate beings on the higher subtler planes.

In the "down" direction, when these celestial Light Beings choose to send particular beneficial energies to particular places on the planet, it is the angels that deliver these celestial energies to their earthly destinations. Every human has at least one of them. Many light workers have a number of them. If you want your personal angels to work even more closely with you, you can first of all, acknowledge them and thank them from your Heart , for their undying and usually unappreciated service to you.

Then you can do your best to make your personal aura as sweet, harmonious, and loving as you can. Remember - the sweeter your energies, the closer your angels will want to "hang-out" in your aura. Angels just LOVE environments that are harmonious, sweet, and peaceful. It gives them a momentary sanctuary amidst the imperfections on earth that are continuously being generated by humanity-at-large. Angels can grow weary from this, and so they just flock to a sweet-pure-energy-zone. Just like a hummingbird feeder attracts hummingbirds, a beautiful backyard, with flowers, streams, LOVE, and sweet peaceful energies, will attract angels from all around, as they come to bask in your angelic oasis on the physical dimension.

By the way, if you want your personal angels to work extra hard for you, you can bribe them! With their form of currency, of course! I love writing in my manifestation journal… but I never write anything harmful to anyone else or even anything overly materialistic… do you think thats still okay? I am a QHHT practitioner and in my own personal session and clients sessions, Higher Selves have said that manifesting and asking for things is great when done authentically..?

What do you think about this? Thank you.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sorry for the confusion. Love it all. Not when I was a bid down for example. Anyhow, a very learned and experienced teacher who channels a number of beings and energies told me that one of them strongly suggested I stop using it right away along with a few other things they told me with love.

That really threw me for a loop. Just confusion. So my long winded question is, how can a lower not-love and light energy influence someone who is feeling like they are vibrating at a good level? Especially after I invoked or laid down the energetic ground rules for the session? If they can get in so easily, what chance does a person have? Thanks so much. Overcoming fears first, and having confidence in our Higher Self to teach us how to discerned them is not the only way to proceed. We have to watch out for oversimplification.

There are an infinite variety of beings one can interact with… some of them are more likely to be encountered, and have more interest vested or otherwise in this realm and in specific individuals than others. No Qabbahlist for example would ever use the Tree of Life and the Sephirot to describe these 3 paths. The angels closest to source often have little or no interest in density or illusion, and rarely interact with people directly… but it would be a mistake to call the Seraphim Luciferic.

Beings that prop up and promote the physical tend to find humans just as naive as those that deny it. This is mostly because most humans ARE naive, and have no idea as to what is happening. People have a lot of interactions with beings that feed on negative emotion… because they manufacture a great deal of these negative emotions.

Depressed people are surrounded by beings that feed on sadness… Frightened people by beings that feed on fear… Enraged people by those that enjoy anger. They are being milked like cows in a stall. Your guides, angels, higher and future selves, and certain angelic beings on your ascension team. Other beings can still help you… and very high, beatific beings can at times work against you or counter to your goals.

True discernment can only come as your frequency rises and your level of self-mastery reaches a level where you can relate with and interact with these beings on a somewhat level playing field. Most people can not trust their feelings and intuition about this stuff any more than a toddler can know what plants to harvest and prepare for its optimal health and wellbeing while crawling in a forest. The best thing is to surround yourself with light beings that love and care about you… to connect to the highest and most ascended versions of your self you can, clear your field of negativity, work to raise your frequency, learn to maintain these higher vibrational states, ground all of this in your life deeply… and achieve some self mastery.

Your team will change as the lessons you need to learn and the trials before you change. In much the same way that you have different professors in your Masters Degree program than you did in Kindergarten. No professor would have bothered to teach you when you could barely read.

Bless you too Melanie. You do very great work, and your channelings are wonderful, light filled and authentic. I really enjoy your meditations, and have for a while now. Burying cow horns filled with manure to make old-school fertilizers is one thing. Now it just tends to bug people. Subjectively, you can say this based on YOUR level of physicality vs. They are exactly as source created them to be, and serve the intention for which they were created. Many of my Swiss friends grew up in Steiner schools in families that really bought into all his stuff. My perception of Steiner is not knee-jerk, or formed recently without basis.

Your work feels so much higher than the occultism of the turn of the last century. When you let the angels speak for themselves they make it clear who they are, and the results speak for themselves. Love this article. So well worded and well put Melanie. I am bookmarking this one to keep referring back to it when I need to. Also, I blog myself and recently wrote an article about the myths surrounding meditation, where I mentioned your blog and page as one of the go-to for people to know in-depth about spirituality and more.

Thanks for all the knowledge. Keep inspiring. Love and light xoxo. Thank you for explaining how to tell the difference. More work to do, I guess! Melanie, Thank you for the enlightenment. Fantastic description for a good understanding what spiritual side really is up to a point. But the various videos and explanations that you placed forward, is unbelievable the window opening that you provide towards the true spiritual connection that we should have known right from our days of understanding what spiritual life and life is all about.

From my side I thank you for all of your time and research in this subject. And as always been interested in your explanations, that I have created a file for all of your lesson video clips, so I can go back and refer to it when I need to explain something, or clarify a dought in my mind.

Let us face it, Spirituality is not a subject that one can learn over night as they say, and to come to a full stop of know how or fully understanding what it can contain or can do in our lives. From my experience we will never be professors in this subject, for the simple reason the unknown is so vast that it is impossible for what I can see, feel and think reach a solution to all of our way of thinking. Well my Dear Melany let me stop now, and thank you once more, and looking forward for your next lesson. Madam Melanie, thanks very much for your exposition on the types of spiritual beings.

Archangel Michael is also there. O I thank God that I am not lost. I will always praise God for his blessings on me. Thanks very much. Melanie this is one of the clearest explanations I have read on this subject. It is really important to stress spiritual humility these days, people are becoming individually spiritually responsible now which is great but there are so many false prophets to beware of especially on the nternet.

Reward Yourself

Being very aware of this happily i have found your site impeccable in this respect. When listening to your meditations , which I do regularly, I notice that you do not disconnect at the end of the transmission from the angelic realm. I am curious about what draws us to these beings or what do we do to draw them to us? The reason being less than 90 days past I had a WORD spoken over me at a Christian conference with 2 absolutely unknown confirmations to follow within the next 30 days. So why does seems too good to be true creep in ever so delicately?

Hey Mary Ann, it really comes down to resonance… Gaining clarity in your mind, feeling and actions will help you to stay aligned with the Christic or Michaelic beings of the middle path. Lol I find it very interesting that just a few days ago I was thinking about sending you a message. Asking you about different spiritual beings. Then boom you share this information with us. Thank you for the clarification.

Light Beings: An Introduction

It is always the same type of dream, and I fear being taken to the darkness. I am sober nearly 10 years, but I have sensed what you have described. Pin